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Who am I?

I'm a UX leader and designer through and through. Which simply means that while I do have experience designing beautiful apps, I'll always choose substance over style. I am exceptionally good at designing highly functional experiences that people enjoy using- and I've been excelling in this area professionally for the last 13 years. If you're in need of someone to design intricate processes and lead a team who does as well- I'm your person.

Why me?

My experience and skillset speak for themselves- but it's my work ethic and integrity that I believe make me an excellent person to work with.

I genuinely love learning what makes people tick and helping solve their problems. It’s what makes me great at my job, because I have a knack for getting to know both my team and my users intrinsically and providing them the tools they need to succeed.

Fun Stuff

I also have an amazing personal life, with phenomenal friends, family, and adventure!
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I know we all think our family is special- but I really do have the sweetest husband, son, and fur-babies anyone could ask for. Not to mention the amazing people that raised me, my mom and grandparents.

They're the reason I work so hard and the ones I celebrate with when I do well.


I'm an only child so my friends are my family. As you can see, my life is definitely better when they're around!
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  • Horseback Ride in Ireland
    Horseback Riding - Ireland

    I can't wait to go back! Riding horses on the beach in Dingle was my favorite!

  • Halloween 2019
    Halloween 2019

    We dressed up like Indiana Jones, Mutt, and Marion!

  • Jetpacking - Mexico
    Jetpacking - Mexico

    I couldn't wait to give jetpacking a try, all I'll say is it's a lot harder than it looks, but so much fun!

  • Owl fun in Ireland
    Falconry in Ireland

    While in Killarney National Park we spent some time with a bad-a** falcon and some adorable owls.

  • Local Horse
    Local Ride

    Here I am with a friend from Sunny Acres Stables near my hometown.

  • Shark Wrangling
    Shark Wrangling

    Finally, here I am wrangling a shark in Mexico. To be honest he was a sweetheart!

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