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Accessibility Lunch & Learn

We take turns giving talks where we can share knowledge or experiences we feel will benefit the rest of the team or company. I chose to share some of the information I'd learned while diving deeper into WCAG standards and accessibility as a whole.
*This presenation was for internal purposes only, so I didn't site my sources as well as I would have if it were to be shared publicly.

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Defining Project Goals

This slide deck helps new clients understand what business goals are, how they interact with user goals, and provides a framework for defining them. It's also helpful for junior designers to learn more about the different types of goals and why they matter.

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UI/UX Redesign Approach Handout

When we're asked by a client to redesign an existing application the process can be overwhelming, I like to share this handout which provides explanation of the various steps in our process, as well as examples to the types of deliverables they can expect to receive. This is also a great resource for junior designers as they're getting to know our discovery and design process.

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User Testing Methods with Examples

This is a great resource to walk clients or junior designers through the different user testing methods and provide examples of each.

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Requirements Gathering

I put this presentation together to help new designers understand the importance of this often overlooked step in the discovery process, and how best to approach it. I also used it as a tool to show executives the power and importance of this step in the process. The slides are packed with links to additional resources, so designers can dive deeper on their own.

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If you're wanting more, take a look at the articles I've written for Mission Data. Many of them offer guidance on various design topics and point to additional resources.

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